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Salmonellosis no longer declining!
After many years of continuous reduction of salmonellosis in Germany and other EU countries, this trend has not continued in the last two years.
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New guideline for mustard published

With the publication of the "Guideline for Mustard" by the German Food and Drink Association, the current fair trade practice for these products has been established.
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Prevent food fraud

University of Hohenheim develops counterfeit-proof food profiles.
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"Just Eat" publishes hygiene evaluations of the Scottish food control on its homepage

Due to increased consumer demand for information and transparency on food control results, the online food delivery service "Just Eat" has decided to publish this data on its website and app.

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World Food Safety Day

The World Health Organization Europe says figures on food-borne diseases are only the tip of the iceberg. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every minute 44 people fall ill from eating contaminated food.

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Updated opinion on Fragrance Butylphenyl Methylproprional (Lilial)

The SCCS (Scientific Committee of the European Union) has recently updated the existing opinion on the fragrance Butylphenyl Methylproprional.

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The cosmetics industry in 2018 - Euromonitor International presents new figures

In the new Beauty and Body Care Report, the market research company Euromonitor International presents the latest results on the development of the global cosmetics market.

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Food-borne outbreaks in Germany
Since 2015, BVL (Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety) and RKI (Robert Koch Institute) have been publishing a joint report on food-borne outbreaks, which is available on the BVL website.
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BAV internal
Counter-sample expert Drug Law in the Tentamus Group

Recently, the international Tentamus laboratory group, to which the BAV Institute has belonged for many years, has been operating with an officially appointed expert in accordance with § 65 Para. 4 AMG (German Medicines Act). The Tentamus Group, with this person as a cross-check expert, has the permission to receive officially sealed cross-checks (drugs) and to test them analytically.

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BAV Quiz
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How many samples were tested for salmonella at the BAV Institute in 2018?
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c) approx. 80,000

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Enclosed the resolution of the quiz from the newsletter 04.2019.

The question: How many different types of ice cream are currently available in Germany?
The answer: b) 50-55
The winners: Mr Sietzen, Mr Kleinegesse
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